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Government Of Assam Department of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes Directorate of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes

Apply for promotion of Tribal Culture

Guidelines for Promotion of Tribal Culture

  • Short Title:

                      This regulation may be called "Promotion of Tribal Culture" and will extend to the ST (P) people residing in the Plain Districts of Assam (outside BTC area) to the eligible NGOs/Charitable Trusts/Registered Voluntary organisations defined in the regulation of the Promotion of Tribal Culture.

  • Definition:

                 i) Chairman means the Hon'ble Minister, WPT & BC Deptt. Assam

             ii) "Registered Voluntary Organisation" means a registered organization working for the advancement/promotion of             Tribal Culture.

                iii) "NGO" means Non-Governmental Organization which is a not-for-profit organization that is independent from States and International Governmental Organization having background of working for advancement/promotion of Tribal Culture.

                  iv) A "trust" means an entity created for the advancement/promotion of Tribal Culture.

  • Major Objective of the Fund:

                  To provide financial grants to NGOs/ Trusts/Voluntary organisations for various initiatives such as protection/promotion

of heritage,literature,culture,local brews, etc.

  • Eligibility:

                 Subject to the approval of the Selection Committee, a Voluntary Organization/NGO/Trust will be eligible to apply in the       prescribed format for financial assistance under the scheme if it fulfills the following-

                 i) NGO/Trust/Voluntary Organizations must be registered under Societies Registration Act of 1980 or any registered Trusts/Foundations.

                                  ii) NGO/Trust/Voluntary Organizations must have background of working in the field of promotion of Tribal Culture.

  • Procedure for application:

                The Director, WPT & BC, Assam will advertise in widely circulated print media as well as electronic media about the scheme calling for applications. Applicants will apply in proper format prescribed for the same along with all relevant documents to the Director, WPT & BC, Assam.

  • Selection Procedure:

                  All the applications received by the Director, WPT & BC, Assam have to apply in proper prescribed format before the Selection Committee which will scrutinize the same and approve the list of beneficiaries under the scheme. Priority will be given to Organizations consisiting of ST members.

  • General:

                Grant of Financial Assistance under this scheme to any registered NGO/Trust/Voluntary Organizations is not a matter of right. Assistance would be extended depending on the applicant satisfying the eligibility and also keeping in view the financial allocation available for the purpose. The Selection Committee reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason thereof if the application is not found satisfactory.

  • Limit of Financial Grant:

             An upper limit of Rs. 3.00 lakhs per Organization is fixed for various initiatives under the scheme and the Selection Committee will approve the fund to be allotted to the organization.

  • Selection Committee:

     The Selection Committee will comprise of the following members:-

    i) Hon'ble Minister, WPT & BC Deptt. Assam                      : Chairman

    ii) Commissioner & Secretary, WPT & BC Deptt. Assam    : Vice Chairman

    iii) Director, WPT & BC, Assam                                           : Member Secretary

    iv) Representative of Cultural Affairs Deptt. not below the

    rank of Jt. Secretary                                                            : Technical Member

    v) A reputed person from the Cultural domain to be

      nominated by Director, WPT & BC, Assam                      : Member

  • Documents Required:

             i) NGO/Trust/Voluntary Orgnisation registration document (Renewed till 2017-18)

             ii) Detail project report/Plan & Estimate/Budget etc.

             iii) Background of the organisation duly certified by the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned Districts.


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