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Government Of Assam Department of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes Directorate of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes

Modal Villages

The Govt. of Assam has made budget allocation during the year 2017-18 for conversion of 12(Twelve) Nos. of villages into Model villages in ST dominated areas of Assam under priority/signature projects as per PMAGY guidelines @ Rs. 500.00 lakhs each out of which an amount of 1200.00 lakhs (@ Rs. 100.00 lakhs each) has been allocated in the budget for 2017-18:

The objective of the construction of the Model villages are as follows:

  • Prevent distress migration from rural to urban areas, which is a common phenomenon in India’s villages due to lack of opportunities and facilities that guarantee a decent standard of living.
  • Make the model village a “hub” that could attract resources for the development of other villages in its vicinity.
  • Provide easier, faster and cheaper access to urban markets for agricultural produce or other marketable commodities produced in such villages.
  • Contribute towards social empowerment by engaging all sections of the community in the task of village development.
  • Create and sustain a culture of cooperative living for inclusive and rapid development.

We propose to include the following ingredients for the Model villages as summarized below:

SustainabilityAmount involved
Better health – with special focus on maternal and child healthRs. 125.00 lakhs
Practical and smart educationRs. 125.00 lakhs
Housing & livelihood  Capacity building of all stakeholdersRs. 125.00 lakhs
Clean drinking water & sanitationRs. 125.00 lakhs
Environmental sustainabilityRs. 125.00 lakhs
Community involvementAmount involved
Planning for Village DevelopmentRs. 125.00 lakhs
Mobilizing resources for the Plan, with active engagement with elected representativeRs. 125.00 lakhs  
Monitoring the utilization of government funds to increase accountabilityRs. 125.00 lakhs
Influencing personal and community behaviorRs. 125.00 lakhs
TechnologyAmount involved
Delivery of government servicesRs. 125.00 lakhs
ICT and space technology in the aid of farmersRs. 125.00 lakhs
Remote sensing for resource mapping and better utilization of existing assetsRs. 125.00 lakhs
Land records modernizationRs. 125.00 lakhs
Biometrics for better targeting of services such as PDS, insurance, pensionRs. 125.00 lakhs
ConnectivityAmount involved
Physical connectivity to towns and other places through roadsRs. 125.00 lakhs
Easy and cheap means of transportationRs. 125.00 lakhs
Digital connectivity and mobile connectivityRs. 125.00 lakhs
Augmenting power connectivity through off-grid renewable sourcesRs. 125.00 lakhs
Financial connectivityRs. 125.00 lakhs

The proposed location for construction of the Model villages are as follows:

Sl. No.Location
1Dibru Saikhowa
2Barak Valley
11Baka, Uttar Guwahati
Modal Villages